lahana sarma

(the cabbage)

shadow – puppet  play

one act


written by ayşe selen

co-dir. by ayşe selen-şehsuvar aktaş

puppet design and practise by şehsuvar aktaş

music adviser: muammer ketencoğlu

cast: ayşe selen – şehsuvar aktaş

Lahana Sarma is a combination of puppet theater, shadow play and other traditions in the Turkish theater. The show takes place among two shadow curtains on each side and a table in the middle. On the “midway” area shadow figures become three dimentional puppets. The shadow puppets are cut out of leather and made with traditional techniques. Colorful shadows of the fugures are reflected on the shadow curtain by projecting light from behind the curtain. Shortly, these puppets are colorful reflections on the white “mirror”. The three dimentional puppets on the table cut out of white cordboard are controled with two wooden sticks just like the shadow figures and they look like white puppets moving in infinite space. The story begins on the curtains on the sides: Right curtain is the palace of “Herşeyiyer Hanım” (the woman who eats everthing) and the left curtain is the palace of “Boliştah Hanım” (the woman with large appetite). The table in the middle is arranged to be a dreamy world, a dreamy kitchen. Herşeyiyer Hanım’s servant Tavtati and Boliştah Hanım’s servant Dümteka are both in the middle of cooking in their respective kitchens. But both of them soon realize that they are missing one ingredient. So they get out of their “homes” to chase and find the needed ingredient. That chase carries them to the “dreamy world”, to the “dreamy kitchen”. However, surprises would be waiting for them there. The dilemma of the puppets’/figures’ between becoming a “colorful figure” or a “white puppet”, the conflicts between actors and puppets, puppets and puppets or figures and puppets are frequently used elements within the show.

trailer: Lahana Sarma fragman:

 Technical Properties
Age: 7 +
Company: We have a cast and crew of two people; Şehsuvar Aktaş, Ayşe Selen
Running Time: 40 minutes without intermission.
Stage Dimensions: Minimum 4 m. depth; 4 m.breadth; 3 m. height.(We would like to cover the back of the stage entirely with black facing, if possible.)
House: Maximum capacity of 150 people. House needs to be darkened completely.
Lighting: 220V power provided on stage. Total power load 700W. Lighting equipments are provided by our own.
Sound: Two speakers, a mixer and a CD player needed. We operate the sound system ourselves on stage.
Set: A table is needed with the minimum dimensions of 75 cm. height by 150 cm. length.
Moving: Our set easily fits behind a small pick-up truck.
Loading and Unloading: 15 minutes.
Set-up Time: 3 hours.







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