DY 20

 world meal

a play, one act (7+)

şehsuvar aktaş-ayşe selen

şehsuvar aktaş – ayşe selen


puppet design
şehsuvar aktaş

stage design
Hilal Polat – Utku Kara


visual communication design
behiç alp aytekin

This is the very strange story of a King and his Cook. One day the King orders to the Cook to cook the Everything and promises to share it with him. But some ingredients are missing. So the Cook has to go out to find these missing ingredients. At his first journey dragged by a very strong wind he flies away. At the second journey after a big rain he is carried away by a torrent. And at the last one he falls into a deep well. After many adventures he comes back finally to the palace and cooks the Everything; but the King does not keep his word and began to eat alone and he gets too bulk that he overlays the whole palace. The Cook remains out of it. But some other surprises are waiting for him.

Technical Properties

Age: 7+

Company: We have a cast and crew of two people; Sehsuvar Aktas, Ayse Selen.

Running Time: 50 minutes without intermission.

Stage Dimensions: Minimum 6m. breadth; 5 m. depth; 3 m. height.

(We would like to cover the back of the stage entirely with black facing, if possible.)

House: Maximum capacity of 150 people. House needs to be darkened completely.

Lighting: 220V power provided on stage. Total power load 700W.

Moving: Our set easily fits behind a small pick-up truck.

Loading and Unloading: 15 minutes.

Set-up Time: 3 hours.

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