we can’t go on like this

 shadow and puppet  play

one act

 by sehsuvar aktas – ayse selen

 puppet design and practise by sehsuvar aktas

 Miss Herseyiyer (the woman who eats everthing) and Miss Bolistah (the woman with large appetite)lived at the opposite ends of the Land of Lahana Sarma (cabbage) with their servants Tavtati and Dümteka. While the ladies ate with an endless appetite, Tavtati and Dümteka cooked continuously to keep their masters full. One day, after an unfortunate incident of having a little too much to eat, the two ladies burst. Despite a moment of bewilderment, Tavtati and Dümteka start a feast to celebrate their freedom. However, having too much fun, they mistakenly leave their shadow curtains, they lose their homes. Looking for their homes, they lose their way; looking for their way they lose each other. On their search they find other shadow curtains, but those strange curtains are no place for them to survive.

trailer: https://vimeo.com/114855662


Technical Properties

Age: 7+

Company: We have a cast and crew of two people; Sehsuvar Aktas, Ayse Selen.

Running Time: 45 minutes without intermission.

Stage Dimensions: Minimum 6m. breadth; 5 m. depth; 3 m. height.

(We would like to cover the back of the stage entirely with black facing, if possible.)

House: Maximum capacity of 150 people. House needs to be darkened completely.

Lighting: 220V power provided on stage. Total power load 700W. Lighting equipments are provided by our own.

Sound: Two speakers, a mixer and a CD player we needed. We operate the sound system ourselves on stage.

Set: A table is needed with the minimum dimensions of 75 cm. height by 150 cm. length.

Moving: Our set easily fits behind a small pick-up truck.

Loading and Unloading: 15 minutes.

Set-up Time: 3 hours.

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