Mr. Tartüf


two acts

 (based on Molières’ play)

translation and script layout
şehsuvar aktaş
ayşe selen
çetin sarıkartal

 director and dramaturg
çetin sarıkartal

 set design
çetin sarıkartal

 concept application
şehsuvar aktaş
ayşe selen

 puppet design and application
şehsuvar aktaş

ayşe selen
şehsuvar aktaş
nergis öztürk
serpil göral
eren balkan

zehra uzunali

 photographs and visual communication design
behiç alp aytekin

 Tartüf Bey, is a produced play written for 5 actors and a puppet,based on the play Tartüffe by Molieré. In Tiyatrotems’ Tartüf Bey  which is co-produced with Oyun Atölyesi, the elements of dramatic theatre and puppet show is combined with storytelling technique. This play is a new product of  Tiyatrotems’ perception ,which is to combine modern and traditional techniques with Turkeys’cultural enviroment by dramatic theatre. Tough Tartüf Bey traces  past productions of Tiyatrotem, in the means of staging and the way of describing, it can also be seen as a continuation of  Üçüncü Richard Faciası (produced in 2006). This time the origin of motion is a classic comedy instead of a classic tragedy.  Tatüf  Bey is translated from the original French script and written in verse by Şehsuvar Aktaş, Ayşe Selen and Çetin Sarıkartal. Focusing on the notions of lust and greed, the existed social and cultural critisism in Molierés’ play is converted in order to explicate the relation between power and social sexuality. In the second half of the 17th century, Molieré benefited from the notion of lust in order to criticise the French bourgeois, flung between affection for aristocracy and conservatism that gives contribution to bigotry. In Tiyatrotems’ production lust is associated with power with in the rotated concept of a theatre company performing a play (Molierés’ play) in front of an audience. Thus, Exploring how lust and desire for power is nourished from a patriarchal structure, in the frame of a play. And explicating love and sexual desire becoming political due to the problematic presentation of masculinity.

Technical Qualities

Age Group: 16 +
Crew: Our crew has five members: Şehsuvar Aktaş, Ayşe Selen, nergis Öztürk, Serpil Göral, Eren Balkan
Duration: Play is 2 acts. Duration is 2 hours including intermission
Stage: Minimum required stage dimensions: Width: 7m. Depth: 7m. Height: 3m.We prefer the upstage to be black clothed if possible.
House: House maximum for 250 people. House and stage must be blackout.
Lightning: Lights provided from on stage. 220 V electricity, total use of power  1000W, we bring our own lightning system.
Transportation: Our setting can easily fit into a pickup truck.
Load- Off load: 15 min. each

Mr. Tartüf is not in the repertoire.

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