nasil anlatsak sunu

how can we   tell it?


one act


cetin sarıkartal

 puppet design- application
sehsuvar aktas

sehsuvar aktas-ayse selen

photographs and visual communication design
behic alp aytekin


 Our master writer writes stories, tells stories.For children…He’ll write again. In fact, he is planning to tell something about Don Quixote. But suddenly he gets carried away with an imagination. What would a child like to be told? How ? But can a child know it? Why not? Children do know somethings. For example fairy tales…Every child has a fairy tale he/she knows, right? But what fairy tale would a child like to be told? How?  While our master writer asks those questions to himself, a child appears in his imagination. And the master writer starts to ask those questions to him… …

Thechnical Qualities

Age Group: 7 +
Crew: Our crew has two members : Sehsuvar Aktas, Ayse Selen
Duration: 40 min. without intermission
Stage: Minumun required stage dimensions: Width: 5 m. Depth: 5m. Height: 3 m. We prefer the upstage to be black clothed if possible.
House: House for maximum 150 people. House and stage must be blackout
Lightning: Lights provided from on stage. 220 V electricity, total use of power  700W, we bring our own lightning system.
Moving: Our set easily fits behind a small pick-up truck.
Loading and Unloading: 15 minutes.
Set-up Time: 3 hours.

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