“mutual dreams” took part in Festival Incanti 2015

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Mutual Dreams is an adaptation from Ubu Enchaîné by alfred jarry.

This adaptation by tiyatrotem creates a composite of shadow play, narration, story telling and nursery rhyme traditions, where Şehsuvar Aktaş and Ayşe Selen perform as puppeteers as well as actors. They interpret a so-called dream, which has been seen by all of the audience, through the story of Ubu Enchained, where Ubu goes to inform his wife, Mother Ubu, of a radical lifestyle change he is planning: to live “by the work of our hands”! Therefore he wants to be a slave, and find people to enslave himself to.

Ubu Enchained is the last and most pointed of the three main Ubu plays; so the Ubu trilogy is completed in a heightened, outrageous satire on the concept of freedom in its varying guises and interpretations.

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