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Born in 1955, Ankara 1973, Sankt Georg Austrian High School, Istanbul, Turkey (studied till 12th grade) 1977, graduted from Çankaya High School, Ankara, Turkey 1982, BA, Ankara University, Faculty of Languages and Social Sciences, dept. of drama, (thesis: “Peter Stein and Turkish Theater in Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer” 1985, MA, (thesis: The Effect of Traditional […]

world meal

 world meal a play, one act (7+) autor-director şehsuvar aktaş-ayşe selen performers şehsuvar aktaş – ayşe selen   puppet design şehsuvar aktaş stage design Hilal Polat – Utku Kara   visual communication design behiç alp aytekin This is the very strange story of a King and his Cook. One day the King orders to the […]

From Press

Die Bonner Biennale zeigt ab Samstag türkische Kultur. Das Festival richtet den Blick auf das nah und doch so fern liegende „Brückenland“ zwischen Europa und Asien, dessen Kulturszene weitgehend Terra incognita ist. Bonn – „Ein Pferd, ein Pferd, mein Königreich für ein Pferd!“ – so ruft der abgefeimte Bösewicht Richard III. in großer Bedrängnis. Dieses […]

mutual dreams

mutual dreams a play in one act (an adaptation from Ubu Enchaîné by alfred jarry) dramaturgy şehsuvar aktaş, ayşe selen, ayşe bayramoğlu performers ayşe selen, şehsuvar aktaş puppet design şehsuvar aktaş This adaptation by tiyatrotem creates a composite of shadow play, narration, story telling and nursery rhyme traditions, where Şehsuvar Aktaş and Ayşe Selen perform […]

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for contact (for English: Şehsuvar Aktaş for German: Ayşe Selen for French: Şehsuvar Aktaş) Address: Visnezade Mahallesi, Sair Nedim Caddesi, Haci Halit Bey Sokak, 19/A, Besiktas – Istanbul Tel.: 0212. 924 54 64 0533. 386 81 50 0533. 241 49 69 tiyatrotem@gmail.com

from the narrating tradition to contemporary theatre

Since 1982 Sehsuvar Aktas and Ayse Selen have been working both together and individually with several theater companies. Their credits include directing, assistant directing, acting for the stage, TV and film, screenwriting, and professional translations. Since 2000 they have been working as the founding partners of the company tiyatrotem. The plays of tiyatrotem have the […]

Mr. Tartüf

Mr. Tartüf play two acts  (based on Molières’ play) translation and script layout şehsuvar aktaş ayşe selen çetin sarıkartal  director and dramaturg çetin sarıkartal  set design çetin sarıkartal  concept application şehsuvar aktaş ayşe selen  puppet design and application şehsuvar aktaş performers ayşe selen şehsuvar aktaş nergis öztürk serpil göral eren balkan  assistant zehra uzunali  photographs […]

the tragedy of richard ııı

the tragedy of richard ııı a play in one act  (an adaptation from king richard ııı by shakespeare) director çetin sarıkartal dramaturgy çetin sarıkartal-ayşe selen-şehsuvar aktaş performers ayşe selen, şehsuvar aktaş, nergis öztürk, serpil göral, tuğrul tülek puppet design  şehsuvar aktaş  III. Riçırd Faciası (The Tragedy of Richard III) is a play based on Shakespeare’s […]

if such is the world ubu is the king

if such is the world ubu is the king  a play in one act (an adaptation from “ubu roi” by alfred jarry)  translation: şehsuvar aktaş & ayşe selen dramaturgy: çetin sarıkartal shadow puppet design: şehsuvar aktaş performers: şehsuvar aktaş, bilge gültürk, ayşe selen   If Such is the World, Ubu is the King is an adaptation […]

How can we tell it?

how can we   tell it? play one act   dramaturg cetin sarıkartal  puppet design- application sehsuvar aktas performers-tellers-puppeteers sehsuvar aktas-ayse selen photographs and visual communication design behic alp aytekin    Our master writer writes stories, tells stories.For children…He’ll write again. In fact, he is planning to tell something about Don Quixote. But suddenly he gets […]